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Opening hours - holiday in August

On Wednesday 15.08.2018 our club will be opened from 8:00 to 13:00. Feel invited!

Moreover, we would like to inform that on Wednesday the promotion "first training for free" is not avaible. We accept only payments by cash.

Important information - suspension of membership

Dear customers!
From September 20, 2014. the suspension of membership will be possible only through a message on Platinum's facebook page or via e-mail - platinumfitness.stop@gmail.com

Do you want to practise in professional fitness club?
Come to us! Such great atmosphere everyone can only envy us!
Are you fed up with the crowd, waiting for free stations?
Come to us! Check our 500 m2 ! We have so much equipment, that you won't be queuing! Here all stations are triple, not like in majority other clubs.

Why professional club?!
1) because we have 50 stations with the equipment of the reputed Olymp brand, including:

13 stations to exercise chest muscles
10 stations to exercise back muscles
7 stations to exercise muscles of bars
4 stations to exercise hand muscles
5 stations to exercise muscles of thighs and buttocks
11 stations to exercise belly muscles

2) because we have 17 CARDIO stations, including:

5 training bikes
4 orbitrecs
3 steppers
6 treadmills

3) because we have large amount of additional equipment, including:

92 pieces of the dumb-bells from 1 kg to 55 kg
14 pieces of long and short olympic barbells (resilient)
8 regulating, standalone benches

4) because we have prestigious locker rooms with great number of sanitary stations

5) because here is clear, neatly and safe

6) because we DO NOT require signing long-term contracts for season tickets. Would you like to exercise 1 month? No problem, there are tickets for 1,6 or 12 month available. And what is the most important – if you can’t exercise in our club over more than 7 days – don’t worry! You can always suspend your ticket for a certain period of time!

7) because.. This you probably already know.
Platinum Fitness Club

Platinum Fitness Club is an abundantly equipped gym situated in the Poznan's district of Grunwald. At this moment the gym offers more than 50 exercise apparatures, situated in two rooms the area of which is more than 400 metres square. Platinum Fitness Club is not only equipped in stations for weight trainings but also in the latest models of treadmills, steppers, training bikes and orbitrecs. Among other facilities, it entails the locker rooms for both, men and women together with sanitary stations.

All the members of our gym are instructed by a trainer who prepares a training program for each individaul member and makes sure that all the exercises are carried out correctly. During the training sessions it is possible to consult the trainer at any given moment. Platinum Fitness Club is also a place designed especaially for women where they are offered special equipment and tips concerning diets.

Platinum Fitness Club has designed a special offer for its members:
- first training in our club free of charge
- each member who enroles 2 new clients will receive a month of training free of charge
- students are offered special discounts

Body building gym
Platinum Fitness Club comprises 27 stations fitted with the equipment of the reputed Olymp brand. The Olymp brand, famous for the highest quality of its products, supplies the training equipment for the leading polish athlets.

Apart from the devices strengthening the major muscles groups, one can also use the cardio stations producted by Kettler.

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